Maxell - 8cm Camcorder DVD-R 60min 10pcs Spindle Pack

Maxell - 8cm Camcorder DVD-R 60min 10pcs Spindle Pack

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Anti-static ProTek PlusTM incorporates Maxell's unique protective hardcoat technology (DR60HG/DR30HG).DVD-R recorded in DVD-Video mode can be loaded into most DVD video players and DVD-ROM drives for high-performance results in playback. The DRH30 is designed for exclusive use in video cameras that use Round DVD Holders.

*Please note: European Model Shown, Australian Packaging Colours may Vary.


Disc Type: DR60HG
Sides used: Double-sided
Recording time: 60mins (30min per side)
Recording capacity: 2.8GB (1.4GB per side)
Disc diameter: 80mm
Writing speed: 1X
Reference data transfer rate: 11.08Mbps
Cartridge: No cartridge

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