Maxell - CD-R 10pcs Spindle Pack 52x

Maxell - CD-R 10pcs Spindle Pack 52x

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Recording capacity* of up to 700MB.
Maxell CD-R 80min has up to 52X recording speed (48x with printable discs) which allows for wide compatibility with the various drives on the market. Large capacity recording in digital data, text, video, graphics,photographs, etc. Write once media makes it unalterable, ideal for archival and legal files. Ideal for small production runs of a CD-R to CD-ROM Mastering. Available in non printable and inkjet printable.

*Packaging colours may vary with different shipment.


Disc Model: CD-R.10sp
Recording Capacity: 700MB*
Count: 10 Disc
Packaging: Spindle
Inkjet Printable:No

* Obtained in Mode 1 recording.

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